World Amateur K-1 Federation (WAK-1F)  was founded in 2011, February.  

Today WAK-1F unites members from 62 countries of all over the world.

Every day WAK-1F grows bigger and bigger.


Every year WAK-1F organise World K-1 Amateur Championship, European K-1 Amateur Championship and Asia K-1 Amateur Championship in different countries. 


Also was founded the system of increasing of sportsmanship. WAK-1F have separate age groups as juniors, youth, adults (men and women) in different weight categories.


The main tasks of WAK-1F are:

- to unite and coordinate the activities of sports clubs, to promote and maintain any of the activities associated with the aims stated by WAK-1F;

- to develop, promote, develop, and promote K-1 sport at international level;

- to organize and carry out multi-scale K-1 tournaments, championships and other international competitions;

- to represent WAK-1F and its interests in the governmental, non-governmental, international and other organizations and associations;

- to unite, brick together the international martial arts organizations, to organise various international competitions, tournaments, and the K-1 world championships;

- to organise a mass physical sports and health events, sports celebrations, international tournaments, sports and recreation festivals;

- to take care of medical rehabilitative and preventive health maintenance for athletes; to recognize and work according The World Anti-Doping Code (Code).

- to increase the prowess of athletes and general physical preparation;

- to take care of development, reconstruction of the existing sports base;

- to organize and carry out the training process of traineeships, seminars, sport camps, certifications;

- to organize training courses for coaches, trainers and judges;

- to ensure the athletes' preparation and participation in international competitions;

- to defend the rights and legitimate interests of WAK-1F members;

- to distribute the WAK-1F program of activities and advertising online, and in other mass media.


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