Lithuanian K-1 federation has new president – Zenonas Budraitis

The 5th of May members of  Lithuanian K-1 federation had meeting where they have disscussed the amendments of the statute and have elected new Lithuanian K-1 federation president who by unanimous decision became well known master of martial arts in Lithuania – Zenonas Budraitis. The Lithuanian K-1 Federation belongs to the world’s largest K-1 (kickboxing) federation WAK-1F, which received more than 1000 participants in the last European Championship in Warsaw, where other competing federations gather 300-600 participats as maximum.

This year, the newly assembled K-1 national team will participate in the K-1 World Championship, which is scheduled for November. Plans are not expected to be disrupted by the Covid-19 virus pandemic, but if the plans will be adjusted, a second date is already set for February 2021.

Zenon Budraitis assures- “The plans are big, because we plan to have full team of all weight categories, unlike all other federations, which carry 3-5 athletes. With this team we plan to participate in the WAK-1F World Championship. This is not only a great opportunity for Lithuanian athletes to be recognised, but also an opportunity to contribute to Lithuania, so that the Lithuanian anthem and our tricolor flag are heard and seen more often. Of course, we plan to hold a seminar for national and international weight category judges to ensure fair sports judging. “

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